Ventilated Ridges

Pro-Roofing & Guttering supplies and install's Stramits range of commercial ventilated ridges.

provide an economical, effective and low maintenance method of exhausting heat, moisture and air-borne contaminants from industrial and commercial buildings.

By taking advantage of natural thermodynamic forces, ridge ventilators offer a sustainable solution to improving energy efficiency, without moving parts.

Ridge Vents are ideally suited to the extraction of low to medium heat loads, with virtually no running costs or maintenance.

Ridge Vents are suitable for use in light and moderate factory, shed and storage facilities with non-corrosive ridge ventilation needs.

The benefits of natural ventilation include:

  • low running expenses.
  • Efficient air flow cool's your building.
  • One-piece brackets for easy installation.
  • Extensive size range to suit most roof designs
  • No moving parts provide low maintenance costs.
  • Compound design resists rainwater entry.
  • Self draining require no additional plumbing.
  • Mesh guarding provides bird and vermin barrier.

Learn more about how the benefits of fresh air in your workplace can improve your overall business productivity.

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ventilated ridge

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