Box Gutters

Pro-Roofing & Guttering is highly experienced in box gutter installation, repair, replacement and maintenance, having provided these services to countless warehouses and factories in Sydney.

Commercial box gutters must be at least 300mm wide and should be supported to allow for foot traffic during roof services or maintenance.

Box gutters are typically placed between parallel surfaces, as in a valley between parallel roofs or where a roof and a parapet wall meet.

Box gutters should include sumps to aid water flow and prevent water pooling as well as overflow outlets to prevent water from entering a building during extreme rain.

Pro-Roofing & Guttering provide's custom made box gutters using Bluescope steel's Zincalume and Colorbond range.

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box gutter

Pro-roofing & Guttering offers customised solutions for commercial roof installation's, repair's and maintenance.