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If you are an employer or business (or other PCBU), you are responsible for managing asbestos in the workplace. You must ensure that exposure to asbestos is eliminated or, if it can't be eliminated, minimised as far as reasonably practicable. You must not allow a worker to handle asbestos unless they have have completed appropriate training or they hold a current licence.

You must keep an up-to-date asbestos register containing records of all identified asbestos (and ACMs) that is or is likely to be present at any time, including the date, location, type and condition. The register must be kept at work and be available to workers, health and safety representatives, other employers and businesses as well as us. If you sell a property or transfer control of the premises, you must provide a copy of the asbestos register to the buyer or person taking control of the property. Generally, you do not need to keep a register if the building or workplace was built after 31 December 2003.

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