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Pro-Roofing & Guttering Pty Ltd.

Pro-Roofing & Guttering is a Sydney based company with a focus on metal roofing for commercial and industrial buildings. We are a specialized roof plumbing company that offers a broad range of metal roofing services and have built our strong reputation for professionalism through our quality workmanship, materials and customer service. We aim to be recognised for supporting Australian made and providing professionally executed installations that get the job done right the first time.

There are a variety of metal roofing services we can provide from replacing old roofs with new metal roofs, ventilation, insulation, skylight replacement, new gutters and downpipes or their repair, steel, fibreglass or polycarbonate wall cladding, roof safety systems and general roof cleaning, repair and maintenance.

Replacing an old roof will add value to your property and help you protect your building into the future. Your tenants or employees can be confident that their workplace is well managed and will reduce the likelihood of tension and disputes that can arise from having to work around a persistent leaking roof or electrical hazards with water on your factory floor.

With manufacturer product warranties and our own warranties for workmanship you can be confident that the metal roofing solutions and services we provide will come with the value for money and quality installation you would expect from an Australian metal roofing company.

Pro-Roofing & Guttering is committed to building positive working relationships with our clients and can guarantee all our work without compromising on quality, value or safety. Our lead supervisor has over 15 years experience within metal roofing and roof plumbing across the commercial, industrial and residential spaces and monitors our work process from inspection through to quoting, material selection and final installation which ensures all our projects are completed in a professional manner, adhere to Australian roof plumbing standards and our own strict standards for quality workmanship.

By ensuring that we only use high quality Australian made materials from Australian companies we can provide satisfaction, peace of mind, and long-life metal roofing installations that live up to the Australian environment. All materials used in our roofing solutions come with strong product warranties and are tested by their manufacturers to meet Australian codes of standard.

Our metal roofing quotes are descriptive, in depth and customised to provide the right solution for your building. We are well versed in overcoming obstacles and finding solutions that not only repair a problem but can also include improvements to your broader business goals of increasing workplace productivity and employee morale, saving energy and most importantly saving money.

Our people are honest, friendly and approachable. We understand that the services we provide impact on your organisation, how your customers perceive you and how your employees feel. Our friendly team are professional, courteous and endeavour to ensure that work is completed properly and with minimal disruption. All our staff hold White Cards and working at heights accreditation.

Contact us to request a quote or enquire about how our company can help you with your metal roofing needs, repairs, or how to maintain and add value to your property, save money on energy use, improve employee morale and general productivity through your workplace environment or to add value to your building or brand identity through its external appearance.

Quality Workmanship

We use qualified and experienced trades people to assess and perform metal roof installations. All work adheres to Australian metal roof plumbing standards

Quality Materials

We use Australian made materials to give you peace of mind and value for money.

Quality Service

Our company has a company contracting and supervisor licence. We hold Public & Product Liability @ 20 million, and adhere to all statute laws and regulations under NSW Workcover and NSW Fair Trading.

Recent Metal Roofing

Roof Replacement

Warehouse roof replacement.

Wall Cladding

Asbestos wall cladding replaced with Colorbond steel.

Commercial roof replacement

Complete roof replacement.

What we offer

trades monitor

Customized metal roofing solutions for a large variety of building types.

  • Australian made materials
  • Public and Product Liability
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Experienced and Accredited Contractors

Our professional roof plumbing services combine the benefits of quality materials, workmanship and service to deliver customized and effective commercial metal roofing solutions.

Sales and Operations, Andrew Simms

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